Fri-sKool's teaching services are intended for those who would like to learn or improve some skills in a customized way that suits their personnal expectations. You set your objectives and rhythm of progress. Fri-sKool guides your learning and puts techniques and resources at your disposal.

Lessons in private or in group (max. 8 participants),
several possibilities are available for diverse purses.

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Language learning and practicing connected with everyday life.

Eiffel Tower


elementary, intermediate,
advanced levels

Improve your understanding, in listening or in reading.
Enrich your vocabulary on common or specific themes.
Pratice speaking in real situations.
Develop your knowledge of the language mecanisms (verb use, grammar, phonetics).
Practice writing.

British Flags


elementary and
intermediate levels

Master the basics of the international language so that you get by everywhere. You'll be able to better understand information on the web and communicate when travelling.


Books are a passion and you enjoy reading between the lines. Extend your understanding of the authors and their universe, grasp their words and style.



French, British, American

Following your interests, learn analysis and writing techniques, explore genres (theater, novel, poetry…) and their history, tell your impressions by a well-argumented criticism, study a chosen piece or a particular theme and share your discoveries in a structured manner.


Develop a new talent to translate your sensitivity and energy into music.

Piano Keyboard


for beginners
of all ages (from 6)

For pleasure yet assiduously, take your time to tame the instrument with your 10 fingers, get familiar with music writing, keep the rhythm, play your favorite tunes, build up a repertoire of styles.

Music Notes

Music Theory

notes and figures

Learn the musical alphabet: read and write notes, beat the rhythmical figures, recognize the key signatures, position your voice, train spontaneous reading.


Fascinating sciences, constantly attempting to solve the remaining mysteries and in quest for innovation, they explain the principles of our universe and of our everyday life.



geography and ecology

The Earth in the solar system, Swiss geography, mapping, geology, hydrology, climates, volcanoes and hurricanes, demography, industry, energies, geopolitics.



general and organic

Properties and states of matter, atomic structure, bonding, exothermic and endothermic reactions, pH, acids and bases, stoichiometry, equilibrium, oxydation and reduction, dilution.


Working methods: collect efficient competences to produce more while working less.

Sticker Notes


administrative skills

In your private life as well as in the professional world, you must cope with constraints and available means in order to achieve your goals. A few tools and techniques can smooth your path: know your potential, manage your time, communicate in writing or in public, resist pressure, search and synthetize data, exploit technological aids.

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